The Incubator’s mission is to innovate and accelerate “micro-level” business solutions that are aligned with macro-economic models and policies for inclusive growth, relevant to OECD countries.

The Incubator explores specific local solutions that can be more broadly applied across geographies and economic sectors. It accompanies viable projects developed and implemented by the member companies as they test, accelerate and scale novel approaches to inclusive growth. Companies receive tailored operational and analytical support. Simultaneously, knowledge and resources are shared among the various Incubator programs to facilitate effective partnerships for inclusive growth. The ability to leverage members’ expertise and create connections is what makes the B4IG Incubator unique.

Acceleration Program

The acceleration program was designed to strengthen B4IG members’ existing inclusive business projects and accelerate them by helping to solve a key challenge to overcome barriers to growth. Since its installment in spring 2020, the Incubator has successfully accelerated a cohort of 32 inclusive business projects.

The 9-month long program reinforces projects at different stages of development (pilot, scale-up, replication). Each project team is assigned to a lead consultant who provides tailored support adapted to their needs. Furthermore, the teams join the Incubator community which allows them to participate in collective activities (workshops, benchmarks, etc.) and benefit from connections with experts, impact investors, and peers.

The successful completion of the acceleration program includes:

  1. Reviewing the program robustness (including activities such as defining the vision, theory of change and revenue model)
  2. Advancing on a challenge to unleash the growth potential (through tailored consulting and collective activities such as peer to peer benchmarking)
  3. Contributing to coalition knowledge (by exchanging knowledge and expertise with other project teams and coalition members)

In 2022, 10 project teams completed the program. This year, the cohort focused on fostering social innovation in such areas as Diversity and Inclusion, Access to Essential Goods and Services, Just Transition, and Inclusive Sourcing.

To learn more about the projects and the key takeaways for the successful scale-up of social innovation, watch the 2022 B4IG Incubator Film below!

In 2021, 10 project teams completed the program. The two main themes of the 2021 cohort’s projects were (i) providing opportunities for upskilling and professional inclusion of underprivileged communities and (ii) promoting circular economy principles. To learn more about their acceleration experience, click here.

In 2020, 12 project teams completed the program. The cohort’s projects primarily targeted smallholder farmers, micro-entrepreneurs, and underprivileged youth by improving their access to essential goods and services and promoting social inclusion. To learn more about their acceleration experience, click here.

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