March 9th, 2021

B4IG Incubator – La Passerelle

Sodexo is setting up a multi-purpose facility to support social inclusion and improve employability in an underprivileged neighborhood. The Parisian suburb of Clichy Sous Bois is facing an unemployment rate of 30% and a lack of economic attractiveness. La Passerelle is a multi-purpose facility that provides a comprehensive business and social solution. It will contain a vegetable transformation unit, child care facilities, a training center, and a community space.

The project aims at creating 20 direct jobs and increasing the employability of 1000 people, most particularly single mothers facing a lack of professional qualification and long-term unemployment. The project will be sustained through a fresh-cut product line, produced in the facility, for which a new brand has been developed.

With a clear vision in mind, the project team was able to make the following achievements during their participation in the acceleration program:

Thanks to the acceleration program, the L’Atelier team has been able to connect with experts on the two challenges identified: measuring the social impact and identifying the DOS and DONTS to engage consumers.

Further achievements of the program participation are the identification of social KPIs to follow up the project outcomes and the formalization of a concept note including the DOS and DONTS regarding consumer engagement.

Examples of the next steps of the project are the design of new product distribution channels and the construction of the facility.

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