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B4IG is scaling up business action on inequality through its three pledge areas and the development of a measurement framework that can be used to assess impact.

To drive this systemic change, B4IG has published guidelines, piloted programs, and created practical tools to help advance human rights in direct operations and supply chains, build inclusive workplaces, and strengthen inclusion in company value chains & ecosystems. The B4IG measurement framework builds on these concrete actions to aid companies in measuring their impact and continuing their advancements along the journey towards more inclusive business models.

B4IG is advancing human rights in direct operations and supply chains to eliminate forced labor and child labor and to respect freedom of association. In line with UN & OECD standards, the focus areas are human rights due diligence, grievance mechanisms, and fair recruitment.

B4IG is increasing inclusivity within workplaces by addressing issues such ethnic diversity and inclusion, and employment trainings or skills programs for vulnerable groups.

B4IG is strengthening inclusion in company value chains and ecosystems through actions addressing the living wage, inclusive sourcing, access to essential products and services, support of vulnerable groups in territories where companies operate, and more.

A framework based on the B4IG pledge areas that aids companies in measuring their impact throughout their journey towards more inclusive business models.

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