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Working Groups

B4IG is currently focused on four key areas in its fight for equality: advancing human rights in direct operations and supply chains; building inclusive workplaces; strengthening inclusion in company value chains & ecosystems; and developing adapted tools to measure and value the impact of inclusive growth initiatives. 

The Working Groups bring together representatives from the numerous companies that have taken the B4IG pledge. Together with experts from the OECD as well as B4IG partners and academics, these representatives work to coordinate actions for inclusive growth via appropriately adapted incentives.

Each Working Group approaches its efforts with an eye toward triggering systemic change. As knowledge is created and shared, new projects can spring from the WGs. Company representatives then champion these projects within their home organizations, always with the goal of turning collaboration into concrete action.

Financing Forum

The Inclusive Growth Financing Forum works both to evaluate ongoing inclusive growth funding mechanisms and to create new partnerships and opportunities that bring more funding sources together to advance inclusive growth.

By clearly defining what inclusive growth funding means and supporting analytical and transparent tools to evaluate that funding, the Financing Forum provides a tangible framework for funding sources around the globe. Bringing together impact investors, national impact initiatives, impact entrepreneurs and companies, the annual B4IG Financing Forum roundtable facilitates the exchange of expertise & best practices and acts as an efficient marketplace for impact investors, national authorities and corporations seeking inclusive growth financing opportunities.

In both evaluating existing efforts and creating new opportunities, the Financing Forum is at the forefront of building economic resilience into today’s context.


Each year, the B4IG Incubator accompanies selected projects developed and implemented by our member organizations as they test and scale novel approaches to inclusive growth.

Member organizations propose novel project(s) that they are developing for entrance to the Incubator. The Incubator’s yearly cohort is selected from these applications. Each selected project then benefits from the operational and analytical support furnished by the Incubator.

The Incubator program focuses on two axes. First, it assists the project leaders as they design and deploy their solutions, also focusing on the metrics by which they will be guided, notably thanks to the expertise and analyses of the OECD. Simultaneously, it ensures that knowledge and resources are shared among the various Incubator programs to facilitate effective partnerships for inclusive growth.

The Incubator’s goal is to assist in the discovery of specific local solutions that can then be more broadly applied across both geographies and industries. The Incubator’s first cohort (2020) includes 12 projects based in Mexico, Burkina Faso, the United Kingdom, Germany, Ecuador, France, India, and more; the projects involve a variety of industries, from telemedicine and insurance, from agriculture to clean energy. For more information on this year’s cohort, click here.

The incubator

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