September 28th, 2020

B4IG Incubator: Drones for Smallholder Farmers

BASF’s B4IG project Drones for Smallholder Farmers aims to build an inclusive business model facilitating access of smallholders to drones for spraying crop protection products under an affordable farm service scheme, in countries that allow the use of drones for agriculture.

By doing this, smallholder farmers could benefit from higher efficiency in crop inputs, reduced working time and minimized potential exposure to agrochemicals, as compared to the application with backpack sprayers.

Drone solutions enable high-speed spraying and precision, reducing the amount of crop inputs and water needed. Certified drone sprayer providers could offer farmers crop protection services against a fee in a professional manner.

BASF has conducted first pilots in China and Colombia which have shown encouraging results. The B4IG accelerator program allows BASF to be part of a multistakeholder forum driving on-the-ground transformation and scaling models for inclusive growth

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