March 13th, 2023

B4IG publishes 13 indicators to analyse and measure the social challenges of the Just Transition

During the COP26 in November 2021, B4IG adopted a statement on the central role that businesses have to play in ensuring the social challenges of the ecological transition are met, by partnering with governments, social partners, and other stakeholders.

Since then, the coalition finalised the selection of indicators, with the support of different stakeholders, to accompany negatively impacted stakeholders, and more specifically: workers, local communities, society and consumers. The objective of these indicators is to help companies identify, assess, and address the social impacts of the transition in companies’ own operations, their supply chains, and their business relationships.

With these, we aim to lay the foundations of a shared language with all stakeholders, thereby fostering partnerships between public and private stakeholders, as well as helping develop a common pathway for change.

Learn more –  B4IG Just Transition Indicators


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