March 9th, 2021

B4IG Incubator – The Industry Academy

The Industry Academy offers an industrial vocational training program that aims at improving the employability of long-term unemployed people. The initiative onboards long-term unemployed people on a 1-year training program at L’Oréal as automated production line operator, and delivers a certified diploma to facilitate their access to the labor market.

In 2025, the project team aims at ensuring that 100% of apprentices will find a job within 6 months after their graduation from the program and therefore exit professional precarity.

With a clear vision in mind, the project team was able to make the following achievements during their participation in the acceleration program:

During the participation in the acceleration program, the project shifted from a program managed by L’Oréal and Humando to a project of cooperation including other coalition members (mostly FMCGs with plants located on the same territories). A new value proposition to cooperate between FMCGs in France was achieved.

Thanks to the program participation, connections were established with IGFF investors and with other companies (e.g. Danone, Henkel) and other key stakeholders (Territoire zéro chômeurs de longue durée) with the potential to turn into partnerships.

The project team aims at building a coalition around the program and at replicating it in other companies, regions, and countries.

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