June 16th, 2021

B4IG Incubator – La Collecte

Valorizing second hand digital equipment to reduce digital exclusion and electronic waste.

Due to the COVID crisis, being digitally connected has become more important than ever. While many companies are updating their digital equipment and don’t know what to do with their old devices, there are still many people who are digitally excluded because digital devices are too expensive.

To address these discrepancies, the project La Collecte valorizes companies’ second-hand digital equipment donations by transforming them into low-cost digital solutions that can be distributed to individuals in-need. Through a platform, the collection of businesses’ digital equipment is facilitated and local networks are created to refurbish and distribute it. The goal is to reach up to 10 000 beneficiaries by 2025.

Through participation in the B4IG acceleration program, the project team seeks to identify new opportunities of usage and develop targeted solutions to ensure that all donations can be valorized.

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