March 9th, 2021

B4IG Incubator – Telemedicine

AXA’s Telemedicine project addresses the lack of access to affordable, quality healthcare for the most vulnerable people in Mexico. Especially in the context of COVID-19, access to traditional healthcare is highly constrained as the pandemic has put a burden on the health system. Telemedicine provides a way to receive medical consultation and prescription remotely and at a low price. In Mexico where the number of available hospital beds is 70% below the World Health Organization’s recommendation, telemedicine has the potential to critically increase the healthcare capacity.

The goal is to provide access to telemedicine to 1 million people through company partners in the next 5 years, with at least 10% of people having used it at least once as a default option before seeking in person care.

With a clear vision in mind, the project team was able to make the following achievements during their participation in the acceleration program:

The primary achievement of the program was to meet and collaborate with aligned teams from other multinationals who are also working on social impact models within their businesses, both in Mexico and beyond. Direct connections with Unilever, GIN Group, Mars, L’Oréal, Danone, BASF, Sodexo, Keurig Dr Pepper and other firms were highly useful and these conversations are expected to generate socially valuable business partnerships in the months and years ahead. While AXA was already connected to some of these firms in another line of business, B4IG helped to meet the specific teams working on the same problems within those organizations, which otherwise may have been very difficult.

A second achievement was in highlighting the value of behavioral science in insurance and health programs, where traditional economics largely still directs the strategy, to AXA’s detriment as well as that of their customer base. B4IG helped to meet experts in this field who have helped re-shape the framing of the value proposition to be more resonant with customers’ emotional, social, and psychological needs and values.

The next step of the project is to roll out telemedicine at scale and to engage with more partners.


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