September 14th, 2020

B4IG Incubator: Finding a way back to a stable job with LemonAide’s inclusive recycling

Lemon Aide is an inclusive recycling enterprise that operates waste recycling via social inclusion and back-to-work programs.

The company develops a network of recyclable waste collection in urban areas where unemployment rates are high and recycling performance is poor. Unemployed people are hired and join an eight-month-long socio-professional integration program. They acquire recycling industry-related skills and benefit from social support, training, and mentoring.

The project started in 2016 and has, to date, created 30 jobs, empowered 63 people, and generated 927k€ revenue in 2019 (growth rate of + 73% vs 2018). The program has led 75% of participants to find their way back to a stable job.

During the participation in the B4IG accelerator program, Lemon Aide aims to form strong partnerships and to develop a solid plan to scale up and replicate its model in other locations.

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