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B4IG Incubator: The GINcluyete program for the employment inclusion of people with disabilities.


The GINcluyete program provides a professional services platform for the employment inclusion of people with disabilities, mainly in Latin American countries. The current estimate of people with disabilities and limitations who need a job in Mexico is approximately 23 million people. GINcluyete facilitates access to jobs that comply with labor regulations and accessibility standards, ensuring the compatibility of jobs with the needs of disabled people. The program includes: a web platform and mobile application, experts to assess companies and candidates,

B4IG Incubator: AXA’s Telemedicine project in Mexico.


AXA’s Telemedicine project addresses the lack of access to affordable, quality healthcare for the most vulnerable people in Mexico. Especially in the context of COVID-19, access to traditional healthcare is highly constrained as the pandemic has put a burden on the health system. Telemedicine provides a new way to receive medical consultation and prescription, remotely, at a low price (target is 1-3€ per month). In Mexico where the number of available hospital beds is 70% below the World Health Organization's

B4IG Incubator: Recognizing the talents of youth through a new standard in vocational training


Henkel is a partner of the program Equality in Vocational Training which, with more than 100 German companies, is addressing the mismatch between unemployed youth and vacant apprenticeship positions. In Germany, each year around 50,000 students leave school without a school-leaving qualification, while about the same number of apprenticeship openings cannot be filled due to a lack of suitable applicants. The program is reshaping vocational training around three pillars: basic education, professional education, and mental and cultural support. It is

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